2016 TICA EN Regional Awards Show & Banquet


Welcome to our website, and welcome to the EN Regional Awards Show and Banquet! This year’s show and banquet will take place under the motto “Fairy Tails”, and what a fairytale season this has been!

The EN region is home to TICA’s Cat of the Year, LA SGC Sabrecats Pavarotti of GigantCat, a stunning brown classic tabby and white Maine Coon male.

Additionally, EN is once again home to many International Winners this season. Out of 100 possible International Wins in the championship classes (Kittens, Cats, and Alters), from 14 different international regions, our region has 12! When it comes to the number of kittens, cats and alters scored in each region, EN is #4 in Kittens, #1 in Cats and #3 in Alters!

Achieving a Regional Win in EN is quite an honor, as we are a very large, very competitive region in TICA. Earning an award here is a big reason to celebrate, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

On the evening of Saturday, October 8th, we will all get together and celebrate our region’s brightest stars, and then party like it’s going out of style! Come celebrate Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendships with us!